hand holding red ribbon

Hand Beautification for Brides

On the special day, you want to be as physically immaculate as possible. Your hands will be the center of much attention as everyone will want to see the ring the day of the ceremony and in the days and weeks that follow. The condition of your hands will be of greater concern, worst case maybe you need some ganglion cyst treatment, at this moment in your life than it has ever been.

Full service salons will have many of the services you need to beautify your hands. If you are purchasing pre-wedding gifts for the bride, a gift certificate to one such salon would be one of the best ideas you could come up with. If this will be a surprise, try to sneak and find out (from the groom-to-be or her best friend) if she already has appointments for these services scheduled or find out what her favorite salon is and ask the staff there.

Getting Your Nails Done (Manicure)

Your nails will be the number one part of your hand that others are going to notice. A beautiful set of nails can set off every other part of the hand and body. Even if you are not one to have your nails done at a salon, it is time to consider making an exception. A traditional French manicure looks gorgeous and will look great in pictures, too.

Make sure you get a natural looking nail design. Do not get exotic colors or fanciful designs. This is not the time for that (wait until after the wedding). Anything overly experimental or non-traditional will run the risk of looking tacky. Think elegance.

Hand Massage Treatments

Manicure treatments and other hand treatments are often accompanied by hand massage, usually with a soothing and moisturizing lotion. This service can greatly reduce a substantial amount of the stress associated with wedding preparation. This is not only one of the most exciting times in a bride’s life; it is also one of the most stressful. Massage is very important, particularly on the hands since these are used for so many of the preparation activities involved with a wedding.

Exfoliating Hand Treatment

Your skin will look gorgeous and new after an exfoliating hand treatment. This removes dead skin cells and creates a fresh, glowing skin condition that will be a perfect background for the fresh start of your new life in marriage.

After exfoliation, you will unveil polished, beautiful hands like never before. Your hands will be silky smooth and will appear refined and ready to present to everyone on your special day.

Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment

Your hands need to be smooth looking and soft to the touch. One of the best ways to achieve these conditions is to get a wax treatment. Hot paraffin wax is very relaxing when it is applied and will have a lasting effect on the moisture and skin condition of your hands. An added benefit of paraffin wax treatments is that they can greatly reduce pain in your hands (and your feet, too, if you opt to have your feet done as well).